Candidacies of Members at the Forthcoming European & Greek Elections

Dear Members of the Propeller Club, Port of Piraeus,


The President and the Board of Governors take great pleasure in announcing candidacies of members of the Propeller Club (or 1st degree relatives) at the forthcoming Greek Elections and any relevant information. Following is a list of names and their photographs respectively.


Mr. Xiradakis George

Mr. Ktenas Panagiotis

Mr. Marinakis Evangelos

Mr. Apostolopoulos Ilias

Mr. Kontes Theodoros

Mrs. Michalopoulou Maria

Mrs. Daifa Irene

Mr. Giavridis Nickolaos

Mr. Makropoulos Nickolaos

Mr. Sidiropoulos Nikolaos

Mr. Plassaras Panagiotis