Dr. Kostas Rokkos

Chairman of the International Relationship Committee

CEO & Chairman Director of TST International SA | Partner at TST International Group

Dr. Konstantinos Rokkos is Chief Executive Officer and a Chairman Director of TST International SA, partner at TST International Group.

Academic Qualifications:

Dr. Rokkos awarded from the Middlesex University of London with a Doctorate in Maritime (Risk) Management and a Master’s of Science in Marine Engineering and Management with distinction. He has also graduated as Dipl. Electrical-Mechanical Engineer in Greece and been awarded Diploma of European Engineer (Dipl. Eur. Ing.) as member of FEANI. He has more recently acquired a Distinction in Maritime Law in the LLM program for Maritime Law in City University of London, while also awarded the Diploma in International Accounting (IFRS) from the Association of International Accountants (AIA).

Professional Experience: Dr. Rokkos has excelled in Executive positions as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of shipping companies. Formerly to his shipping occupation, Dr. Rokkos served as General Manager in the industrial sector. He is also an active member of non- executive positions in Board of Directors as Chairman, President and Vice-President in past positions.

Professional Qualifications:

Dr Rokkos is a Lead Auditor, certified by the American Bureau of Shipping and Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance for ISO 9000, 14000 and ISM audits. He has taken part in various training courses and seminars concerning environmental protection, quality, risk management and emission controls. He is Company and Ship Security Officer, certified by the American Bureau of Shipping and the US Coast Guard.

Dr Rokkos is currently the Chairman of Maritime Committee of Propeller Club of Piraeus and the Regional Vice Chairman of the International Propeller Club for South Europe and Africa.