Bestowal of the 2018 Sponsors

With a humble ceremony, the President and the members of the Board of Governors expressed their appreciation and said a big “thank you” to all those who helped and supported the International Propeller Club of United States – Port of Piraeus, during the last year.

The President Mr. George Xiradakis, The Secretary General Mr. Costas Constantinou, The Chairman of the Fundraising Committee Mr. Costis Frangoulis and the Board of Governors of the Propeller Club, unanimously expressed their appreciation of the work done and the effort put by the companies to support last year’s AMVER event.

The President of the Propeller Club, Mr. Xiradakis signified the contribution of the Propeller Club throughout the years and the success that the AMVER Awards have received over the years. He mentioned the reactivation of The Propeller Club, Port of Thessaloniki, which will share the same principles and practices with The Propeller Clubs globally. Mr. Xiradakis also referred to the key contributor for the success of the AMVER Ceremony, Cpt. Panagiotis Tsakos, Tsakos Group of Companies. More specifically he said ‘….without his continuous encouragement and support many things could not have been realized’.