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Cocktail in honor of former President of the Club Cpt. Sava J. Kalafatides

On Thursday April 23rd, 2009, the International Propeller Club of the United States, International Port of Piraeus in cooperation with the American Embassy in Greece, organized a cocktail in honor of former President of the Club Cpt. Sava J. Kalafatides at the Yacht Club of Greece in Mikrolimano.

Commandant of U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Thad W. Allen honored the event and presented a Distinguished Public Service Award to Cpt. Sava J. Kalafatides in recognition of his work getting the AMVER Awards to the strong position they enjoy today.

The President of the Propeller Club in Greece, Mr. Nikolaos Tsavliris, presided the event and extended greetings and warm welcome to Commandant T.W. Allen and guests. Mr.Tsavliris congratulated Cpt. Sava J. Kalafatides for his continuous and valuable efforts to promote and encourage Greek – owned fleet participation in the AMVER program, leading Greece to the top position worldwide.

Admiral Thad W.Allen upon presenting the award, the highest award for the U.S. public service to Cpt. Sava J. Kalafatides stated that Cpt.Kalafatides utilized his broad experience and convinced the Propeller Club, Port of Piraeus to work together with the U.S. Embassy to sponsor the AMVER Awards, which brought Greece to the top in AMVER participation and awards. He went on by saying that ‘…without (Mr.Kalafatides’ ) dedication the AMVER program, a cornerstone of the US Coast Guard search and rescue system would not be as strong as it is today.Captain Kalafatides’ dedication, professionalism and unwavering support to the nation are mostly highly commended in keeping with the highest traditions of the US Coast Guard.’

Upon accepting the medal and certificate Captain Kalafatides thanked all the members for their presence and acknowledged that this award is a result of collective effort. He expresses his gratitude to Mr. George Angeles, former president of the Propeller Club with whom in 1992 adopted the AMVER program from US Embassy in Athens; all former and today’s presidents who have been very supportive of the program and the representative in the U.S Benjamin Strong .But above all he thanked the Greek ship-owners their executives and crews who have committed themselves and have embraced the AMVER program.

United States Ambassador to Greece Daniel V. Speckhard also commended Cpt.Kalafatides for his contribution to the AMVER program.

Present were Mrs Kalafatides, Captain Kalafatides’ tireless and gentle life companion, his son and member of the B.O.D John Kalafatides, former presidents of the Propeller Club, Mr.A. Skondras, Mr.C.Papagiannacopoulos, Mr.V.Katratzos, Mr. A.Doucas, regional VP for S.Europe and Africa International B.O.D. , members of the Board of Governors, Mr. Dimitris Zorbalas, Mr. Stefanos Costopoulos , Mr.T.Kontes,Mr. G.Timagenis, the General Secretary Mrs.Foros-Tsirozidis, Mr.G.Enepekides, and other members of the club.

Among the distinguished guests, were the President of HELMEPA and member for Life of the Propeller Club Captain Vassilis C. Constantacopoulos, Mr. Andreas Potamianos member for Life of the Propeller Club, President of Yacht Club Mr.A.Papadogonas, Mr.Hatzimichail, Mr.Iliopoulos and Mr.Vasiliadis from Tsakos Shipping & Trading S.A , Lutedant Camberis, the Deputy Economic Chancellor of the U.S. Embassy in Greece Mr.G. Frowick, Mr. Campbell Defense Attache from the U.S Embassy, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Pangalos, many other distinguished guests.

The event closed with a buffet reception.