Elections 2021

General Assembly And Elections 2021

On Wednesday, 8 September, the General Assembly and the elections for the new Board of Governors of our Club took place.

It was an innovative, highly successful hybrid event with an impressive number of participating members, as well as a large online audience, that was held at the Yacht Club of Greece.

Due to the pandemic the General Assembly was also available for viewing through a live stream for whomever wanted to attend the proceedings from afar. Additionally, they were given the opportunity to vote online through the Eventora platform.

With a record of 309 votes, it was the first time the hybrid voting system was introduced. 185 members voted in person and 124 electronically. At the previous election, members’ votes totaled 235.

27 candidates took part in the elections for the 16 positions of Governors and 3 candidates for the positions for the Auditors Committee.

All the members of our previous Board of Governors who participated in the elections were re-elected, along with 5 new members.

The members of the Election Committee were: Anastasios Ballas (Chairman), Ioanna Kalyvaki (Member), Michalis Galiatsatos (Member)


1. Costis Frangoulis – 248 votes

2. Danae Bezantakou – 133 votes

3. Dorothea Ioannou – 110 votes

4. John Cotzias – 107 votes

5. Christos Timagenis – 107 votes

6. George Margaronis – 87 votes

7. John Belousis – 86 votes

8. Dimitri Vassilacos – 86 votes

9. George Teriakidis – 85 votes

10. Katerina Stathopoulou – 80 votes

11. Michalis Dalacouras – 79 votes

12. George Kallianis – 75 votes

13. Irene Notias – 70 votes

14. Dimitris Dimitriadis – 60 votes

15. Akis Tsirigakis – 60 votes

16. Ioannis Lagoudis – 58 votes


1. Spyros Tarasis – 55 votes

2. Panos Theodossopoulos – 50 votes

3. Theofanis Moustakatos – 46 votes


1. Spyros Nikitakis – 146 votes

2. Philip Nielsen – 144 votes

3. Dimitris Paschalidis – 120 votes

For next Tuesday, 14 September, Mr. Costis Frangoulis, who received the highest number of votes, has summoned the first Board of Governors for the election of the Executive Committee.

At the start of the General Assembly, a donation was announced to the Hellenic Rescue Team in support to their work in fighting fires. A short address followed by the President of the Hellenic Rescue Team, Mr. Giorgos Kalogeropoulos.

The General Assembly was chaired by the President of the Board of Governors, Mr. Costis Frangoulis. Mr. Christos Timagenis was appointed Secretary of the Assembly following a proposal by the President, while Treasurer Dimitri Vassilacos presented the Financial Results and Budget of the Club.

During the General Assembly, Mr. Costis Frangoulis presented the activity report of the Board of Governors which demonstrated the great progress of the Club.

Among other things, Mr. Frangoulis stressed that despite the difficult conditions due to the pandemic over the previous two years, the financial data of our Club was in an excellent state. It was also a two-year period where a new communication strategy was launched with a strong presence in social media and the press, a two-year period with excellent secretarial support and organization, but also a two-year period that welcomed many remarkable new members to the Club.

In the same year, revenues increased by 10%, while the expenses of the Club decreased by 26%. The members’ contribution increased significantly by 67%. Moreover, 203 members were enrolled, and with the deactivation of older, non-active members, our Club today has 558 members, of which 80% have fully paid their dues. Finally, the scholarship and donation program which is a vital pillar of the Clubs activations, has increased by 60%.

Despite government restrictions, difficulties and lockdowns that lasted for most of the term of the Board of Governors, the Propeller Club managed to remain functional and creative, hosting 23 events, 8 of which were physically hosted, and 15 online.

During the nominations and awaiting the results, in a very pleasant and cordial atmosphere, the members of the Propeller Club had the opportunity to enjoy a light cocktail. It was a great opportunity for everyone to meet and greet, exchange ideas and experiences, setting the tone for a new creative and challenging year ahead.

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