Irene K. Notias

Founder, Director & Bunker Broker at Prime’s Bunkersplus Services

Irene Notias is a Greek American working in the international bunker industry for 21 years and in the Shipping industry for 10 years.  She is the founder and Managing Director of Prime’s Bunkersplus Services, a bunker buying management service provider geared to handle the substantial transitions in the bunker and shipping industries, due to IMO’s new 0.50% max sulphur fuel oil regulation.  Her company remains one of the few long-term internationally recognized independent and consistent bunker brokerage firms, specialized in the Greek market and the world-wide physical supply value chain.  She has extensive experience in non-for-profit organizations as an active board member or exec since her teenage years in NYC until presently with the creation of the NPO Project Connect which pioneered the official connection of shipping students to shipping companies and implements the Adopt a Ship program in Greece, branding Greek Shipping.