Katerina Potamianos

Manager in Five Continent Cruises

Katerina Potamianos holds an MBA from London Business School and Bachelors in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University, Somerville College. She has worked as a management consultant for Accenture UK where she advised on a variety of travel and passenger shipping projects. She held managerial positions within the Epirotiki group including Royal Olympic Cruises and Olympic Short Cruises. After completing her MBA, she joined Barclays Wealth as an advisor to High Net Worth Individuals before taking on a three year project of marketing and rebranding the UK’s leading financial advisor, Saunderson House. Whilst in the UK, she served on the Board of the Hellenic Bankers Association. She is a member of various Charity and Professional Clubs. She is currently involved in the Management of Five Continent Cruises amongst other projects. She is married and mother of two Children.