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Members’ Day Meeting – Keynote speaker Mr. Peter Economides

Amidst great enthusiasm and strong emotions, Mr. Peter Economides was awarded by the Propeller Club of Piraeus, during the conference that was help on Thurdsay, 22 of February 2018.

The International Propeller Club of the United States, International Port of Piraeus presented the Award of Excellence to the worldwide famous Brand Strategist Mr. Peter Economides, for his outstanding job to promote and propel a new, modern vision for Hellenism, giving hope and inspiration to all the Hellenes around the globe.

The President of the Propeller CLub, Mr. George Xiradakis kicked off the beautiful evening by expressing the joy that all the members had for the 4rth Award of Excellence that was about to be given to one more prominent person. The role of the presenter of the honored guest, undertook the Governor Mr. Costis Frangoulis. By giving a plethora of information about the professional profile and the personality of Peter Economides, Mr. Frangoulis pointed out his exceptional charisma, that made him a visionary man, always optimistic and creative. He talked about an enthousiastic man, in love with his job, an open minded person who gives all of his energy to each project he is working at.

At his stunning speech with title “Ginete? – Can it be done?”, Peter Economides asked himself if indeed can it be done, 7 years after his presentation in 2011, in which he had talked about the necessity to redife Hellas by redefining the Hellenes. The answer was a profound yes, only if we create a new Hellas, the GR v2.0 (Greece version 2.0).

The award was followed by a reception, were all the participants had the chance to drink and talk to eachother and the speaker of the night. The conference honored with their presence the Ambassador of Isreal, Mrs. Irit Ben Abba, the Ambassador of South Africa, Mr. Marthinus van Schalkwyk, the President of Apivita, Mr. Nikos Koutsianas, the Founder of HOPEgenesis, Dr. Stephanos Xandakas, the President of Hellenic American Educational Foundation and Former President of the Propeller CLub of Piraeus, Mr. Nikolas Tsavliris, the Deputy Mayor of Piraeus and President of the Piraeus Marine Club, Mrs. Irene Ntaifa, many members of the Hellenic Maritime Community and many members and friends of the Propeller Club of Piraeus.


The Speech of Peter Economides

Begining his speech, Peter Economides, emphasised that the Hellenic Shipping is an example and inspiration for all of Greece, while almost 20% of the global fleet is in Greek hands. One more example of rebirth and reset is undoubtedly the Liberty type vessels, just like the “Hellas Liberty” that is the venue of the conference, which have played a catalytic role in the revival of the destroyed Hellenic Shipping after the 2nd World War.

After the “rebranding Greece is about rebranding Greeks”, that was his belief for many years, Peter spole about a new Greece, that has already begin been constracted by the deeds of the Hellenes of all the ages. He specified that not only we must not “park Zorba”, as he has supported earlier, but to the contrary, Greece must exploit its unique, distinct advantage, which is nothing but the passion and joy of life. A passion that all the world has the need to learn and be teached by us!. “Teach me to dance” was the last slide of Peter’s presentation. The prompting of Alan Bates to Anthony Quinn, from the famous Alexis Zorbas, to teach him how to dance syrtaki, while Mikis Theodorakis’ music is playing at the speakers, is a cinematic parable that shows that Hellas can show the way of how to live with your sould and love for life, to the rest of the world.

The positive effects can be seen already in Athens and not only, continued Peter. We see an urge of creativity, we see young people making great efforts in the field of art, dining, fashion, entertainment and startups. Thus we take a glimpse of the new Greece that is underway, the version 2.0. A new Greece that is capable, that has skills, passion, inspiration and imagination. A new Greece that can become reality only if we inspire and encourage the young people to “dance”.

Answering the question, “how can we make this vision happen, practically?”, Peter proposed something simple. To forget the big picture and the huge problems that seems unresolvable and  focus to ourselfes and what we can do and how can we interact with our surrunding, in the given enviroment that each of us lives, without waiting help from anyone, either the goverment or someone else, to gives us a solution.

As an example, he refered to how the non profit organization HOPEgenesis is approaching the very crusial problem of the birth deficit, that seems to big to be resolved by one person. With one of the lowest rates of birth in Europe, the population of Hellas will fall to 6 mil. until 2050. Apart from that, the birth deficit threatens the island communities, with extremely unfavorable prospects for our national interests. That is our real huge problem, on which HOPEgenesis, is giving solutions, by providing medical care and support to women who live in the borders, and are or want to become pregnant. “One child at a time” is their moto, which is identical to the method proposed by Peter.


Peter Economides – Brief CV

He was born at Johannesburg and lives in Athens for the past 20 years. Third generation Hellene from South Africa, with origins from Imvros and Thessaloniki.

Established brand strategist, began his career in Pepsi-Cola Africa as Comercial Manager and later joined the International Advertising Company McCann-Erickson in South Africa. He undetook the positions of Regional Account Director in Hong Kong, CEO in Greece and President of the CEOs in Mexiko. He was appointed Vice President at the headquarters of the company in New York. In 1996 went to TBWA/Worldwide in New York as responsible of all the clients of the global network of the company

Peter has workd for a plethora of top products-brands in the world. In McCann-Erickson in New York, was responsible for the management of the worldwide commercials of Coca-Cola, with a value of 1,8 bil. dollars. While in TBWA, he managed clients as Absolut Vodka, Apple, Chivas Regal, Nissan and Sony Playstation.

In 2003 he found Felix BNI, a company based in Athens but with worldwide action.

Peter was President of the BoD of the philanthripic institution Make-A-Wish, in Phoenix, Arizona.  He is also member of the BoD of the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival. His voluntary work for the Benakis Museum has as a result the foundation of the Benakis Museum in Melbourne. He was founding memeber of the business “incubator” Orange Grove, under the auspice of the Dutch Embassy in Greece. He is memeber of the BoD of the Hellenic Edicational and Political Foundation Saheti at Johannesburg, while he helps and supports the goals of HOPEgenesis.

In 2015 he was honored with an Award of Excellance, for the entirety of his work by the Hellenic American Council. At the same time, his work was honored by the US Congress.