Press Releases

Members’ Luncheon – Keynote Speaker Minister of Economy and Finance Mr. Alogoskoufis George

The International Propeller Club of the United States, Port of Piraeus, organized a luncheon for its members on February 13, 2008 at the Intercontinental Athenaeum hotel.

Mr. George Alogoskoufis, guest of honor elaborated the topic “Shipping and the International Orientation of the Greek Economy”.

Some of the main extracts of his speech.

“The Greek shipping is traditionally the extroversive sector of our economy”
Greek owned fleet in our days accounts for the 16.9% of the world tonnage. This was accomplished grace to the high level of Greek shipowners who managed to increase the one hundred Liberties to 3,700 vessels thus contributing to the growth of the Greek economy and also to the Balance of Payment. The rapid expansion of the Greek shipping confirms the fact that globalization offers significant opportunities to our economy and we therefore have to take advantage of the international economic development.

Recently Greek shipowners took advantage of the positive coincidence of the international trade and renewed their fleet, thus contributing to safer and more friendly transportation. A considerable percentage of the oil and raw material are carried by Greek owned vessels all over the world.

Revenues of transportation by Greek vessels incurred during the period January to November 2007 amount to 15.4 billion Euros, which is our increase of 16.6% towards the same period in 2007.

The international orientation of the Greek economy is our Government immovable target since March 2004. We make sincere efforts to protect our country abroad and we support Greek enterprises to expand their activities to new markets.”

Ending his speech, Minister Alogoskoufis concluded:

“Our reformative policy will continue for a competitive and internationally oriented economy. Reformation creates a dynamic and reasonable economy. Greek economy now offers many opportunities for investment.”

Present were: the General Secretary of the Ministry of Finance Mr. Ioannis Sidiropoulos, the Secretaries General of the Ministry of Merchant Marine Messers. Ioannis Tzoannos and George Vlachos, the President of the Greek Chamber of Shipping Mr. George Gratsos, Ms. Evangelia Bouzis, representing the U.S. Economic Counselor. Mr. Marcos Foros, CEO of Chandris Group and member of the international committee of the International Propeller Club, the President of our Club Mr. Nicholaos Tsavliris, the President of HELMEPA and 1st Vice President of the Club, Mr. Nicholaos Pappadakis, Mrs. Despina Foros-Tsirozidis, General Secretary of the Club, Mr. Antonios-Stamos Faraklas, Treasurer of the Club. Moreover, we have been honored by the presence of past Presidents of the International Propeller Club, Port of Piraeus Messers. George Besi, George Dalakouras, Savas Kalafatides.

Honorable guests: Captain Panayiotis Tsakos, Dr. Ioannis Koustas, Mrs. Angeliki Frangou, Mrs. Travlos, Mrs. Katerina Lanaras, Mrs. Maria Kouliga-Pavlou, Mr. Dimitris Marinopoulos, Mr. George Diennis from OSG, Mr. Vassilios Gazis from Athenian Sea Carriers, Mr. John Mathioulakis from Cargo Leader S.A., Mr. George Rallis and many other shipping companies represented by their representatives.

The banking industry was present with: Citibank represented by Mr. Takis Constantaras, Managing Director and Mr. George Kakoulidis, Director, with UBS by Mrs. Maria Liritis, Executive Director and Mr. James K. Spanos Wealth Management Executive Director, with AB bank by Mrs. Marianna Moschou, President and Mr. Theodore Afthonides, Managing Director, with Alpha bank by Mr. Christos Kokkinis, Division Manager and Messrs. Constantinos Sotiriou, Grigoris Condylis and Constantinos Flokos, with Bayerische, Hypo-UND, Vereinsbank by Mr. Vassilis Mantzavinos, Managing Director-Head of Piraeus office and with FBB by Mr. Nikos Vougioukas, General Manager.