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Members’ Luncheon – Keynote Speaker President and Managing Director of the Piraeus Port Authority SA (O.L.P.) Mr. Anomeritis George

The International Propeller Club of the United States, International Port of Piraeus organized a membership luncheon with guest of honor and speaker, Mr.George Anomeritis, President and Managing Director of the Piraeus Port Authority SA (O.L.P.) The event was held at the Yacht Club of Greece,  in Piraeus on Tuesday 18th May 2010.

Topic entitled  : “Port of Piraeus in the Next Decade”.

Secretary General of the Propeller Club, Mrs. D.Foros-Tsirozidis read the welcome message of the President of the Propeller Club, Mr. Nicky Pappadakis, who mentioned :
‘…Mr.Anomeritis as the person who has demonstrated over years his close connection to the sea and Piraeus and has a close understanding of problems facing seafarers and owners alike.’
Mr. Pappadakis in his message emphasized the important connection of shipping, tourism and Port of Piraeus to Greek economy and the relative importance of working closely with China for both countries best interest.

Mr. Anomeritis in his speech developed

  • the areas of transformation and investment necessary for  the Port of Piraeus in order to become the major Cruise Port of Eastern Mediterranean
  • the service modernization required in the ferries sector
  • the containers and logistics support in the Port

He emphasized the necessity of modernization and the need for increased competitiveness of the Port of Piraeus, as it influences thousands of entrepreneurs and citizens in areas of shipping, of transportation and other sectors of the economy.

Answering a question regarding cabotage, Mr.George Anomeritis stated that he would not submit the findings of the Committee if he knew that jobs of Greek seamen would be lost.

‘ Although the bodies of Shipping and Tourism (except PNO) during long consultations came out in favor of the lifting of Cabotage concerning the cruise ships
which do not bring Community flag, I accepted and included in the Findings
terms, conditions and new provisions, that will multiply Greek seamen and executive employment in the new international environment of cruising companies.
After a long-lasting course of protectionism of the Greek Cruise Ship, we all must give answers for the lost chances and the current situation.

….Today we owe to follow an aggressive policy supporting Greek seamen in a dynamic cruise market environment and not to follow defensive policies of protectionism.

Ending his speech he said: ‘… the shipping industry and our seamen achieved to be great even under stringiest conditions, precisely because they believed in open horizons, as those of the sea and not in closed societies and calm waters.
In the current reality tourism and shipping owe to advance cooperating and not competing. In case cabotage creates adversities against each other, then they will both lose and along them Greece.

I would like to call the professional and union leaderships of the two sectors, without Committees and Governmental intermediations, to meet and to find ways to support the shipping industry, seamen and tourism.
In the international and multinational circles of tourism and shipping industry, either we will all row together with solidarity or we will all sink.’


Present were the 1st Vice President of the Propeller Club Mr. Nikolaos Tsavliris, the Regional Vice President for Southern Europe and Africa  Mr. Apostolos Doucas, the President of the Greek Shipowners’ Association for Passenger Ships and 2nd International Vice President of the International Propeller Club, U.S.A Mr.Markos Foros, Mr. Athanasios Christopoulos, General Secretary of Security –Ministry of Citizen Protection, Mr.Paul Malik, Counselor for Economic Affairs of the U.S. Embassy in Athens, Mr. Mpournias Vasillios, Rear Admiral of Hellenic Coast Guard, Cpt. Panayiotis Tsakos, Founder of Tsakos Group, Cpt. Vassilis C. Costantakopoulos founder of Costamare shipping Co and Chairman of HELMEPA , Mr.  Gregory Timagenis Chairman of NAT and Board Member of the Club.

Also present were, the President of Entrust Maritime Co. Ltd, Mr. Elias Tsakos, Mrs. Eleni Plessa, representative of Prime Maritime Inc., Mr. George Aggelopoulos, Mrs. Eirini Moustaki, Mr. Damianos Constantinou, Mr. Antonios Faraklas CEO of Chartworld Shipping Corp.and Treasurer of the Propeller Club, Mr. Alexandros  Tourkolias General Manager Corporate and Investment Banking,    Mr. Michalis Nomikos from Royal Caribbean Cruises, Mr. Apostolos Poulovassilis, Managing Director Hellenic Lloyd’s S.A., Cpt. George Koumpenas Senior General Manager Fleet Operations, Mr. Miltiadis Wanger, President of NEL Lines, Mr.Dimitris Patrikios General Manager of Springfield Shipping Co., Chairman of the European Navigation Mr.Karnessis, members of the Board of the Propeller Club, Dimitrios Zorbalas, Mr.Costas Costantinou, Managing Director of Moore Stephens, former Presidents and members of the Propeller Club,  distinguished guests and representatives from the shipping, tourism ,business community and press.




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