The Constitution



The Association

Propeller Club is a union that brings together members representing every shipping industry, such as ship-owners, bankers, lawyers, economists, insurers, brokers, port organizations and agencies, scientists, businessmen, entrepreneurs, etc.

The idea of setting up a union that brings together the shipping community was born in New York City in 1922 when people in the shipping industry began to organize daily meals during which they discussed the various issues of the industry. A year later the Propeller Club of New York was founded, while in 1935 the annex of Piraeus was established. The Propeller Club of Piraeus is the oldest social club shipping in Greece. Specifically, in 2017 the Club completed eighty years of continuous presence in the Greek maritime activities.

In regards to the objectives of the Association and the key issues in relation to the members, these are summarized below based on the Club’s provisions of its Statute. Particularly:


Aims of the Association

The aims of the Association are as follows:

a. To promote and support global merchant shipping as a symbol of humanity’s efforts to contribute to the development of the world through trade, diplomacy, education and industry.

b. To provide scholarships to distinguished young people in Greece attending American and Greek educational institutions operating in Greece and other charitable and cultural activities.

c. To establish fruitful collaborations with other organizations whose members promote the interests and cooperation between Greek, American and Global Merchant Shipping.

d. To propel trade, public relations and cultural exchanges between Greek and American citizens and to cultivate the spirit of understanding, cooperation and friendship between Greeks and Americans.

e. To promote meetings and encounters between people whose combined operations and actions can more effectively achieve these objectives.


Members of the Association

The members of the Association are divided into (a) Regular, (b) Honorary and (c) Life-long. More specifically:

(a) Regular members of the Association consist of men and women of any nationality residing in Greece, and sincerely interested and actively committed to the promotion os the Association’s objectives. These are the main members of the Association who have the right to vote and to stand for election. The regular members undertake to pay an annual subscription to the Association, the amount of which is determined by decision of the Board of Directors.

(b) Honorary members are men and women who have offered extremely distinguished services to the Association and for this reason they have been unanimously awarded the title by the respective Board of Directors of the Association.

(c) Finally, by decision of the Board of Directors it is possible to grant the member of the Life-long title to members under conditions determined by the Board of Directors. Life-long members have the same obligations and rights as other regular members of the Association.


Registration / Withdrawal of Membership

The candidate shall submit an application to the Board, which will consider reserving the right to accept it or reject it. The conditions for becoming a member of the Association are as follows:

(i) The candidate member must have been proposed by two active and reliable members regarding their obligations relating to their financial contribution to the Association;

(ii) The candidate member must have paid the relevant registration fee, the amount of which shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

(iii) A decisive criterion for accepting an application is to ascertain whether the candidate has a sincere and active interest in the purposes of the Association.

Each active member is entitled, upon written declaration to the Board of Directors, to withdraw at any time from the Association.