Press Releases

Visit of Propeller Clubs of Italy – 2 Day Conference with Propeller Club of Piraeus

Guests of the Propeller Club of Piraeus, representatives from the 22 Propeller Clubs of Italy, are coming to our country with purpose to meet the members of the Hellenic Maritime Community and the the members of the Propeller Club of Piraeus.

The president of the Propeller CLubs of Italy, Mr. Umberto Masucci, is leading of a team of eminent representatives of the Italian Maritime Community, which includes CEOs, Coast Guard Officers, Businessmen in Shipping Insurance and Maritime Universities. The coming of the Italian representatives, apart from the customary type of visitation, gives also the opportunity for the respective Clubs to tighten the bonds between it’s members and initiates the two day Conference that takes place on board two different vessels.

Coordinators of the Conference are the President of the Propeller Club of the Piraeus, Mr. Xiradakis and the CEO of Venice Shipping, Mr. Fabrizio Vettosi, whilst the main speeched will be given by the Commercial Manager of RINA, Mr. Paolo Moretti and the Regional Vice President of South Europe and North Africa of the Propeller Club, Mr. Konstantinos Rokkos. Invited also are the Minister of Shipping, Mr. Panagiotis Kouroumplis, the Deputy Minister of Shipping, Mr. Nectarios Santorinos, the Secretary Generals of the Ministry Mr. Dionisis Kalamatianos and Mr. Christos Lambridis.

On Monday 24 of April, the Minoan Lines are welcoming the first day of the Conferance at their vessel, Knossos Palace, with two sections. The first one is about the Shipping cooperation between Hellas and Italy, with theme “Odysseus… Will never sail alone”. Both parties discusses models of development for the shipping industry of each country alone and also combined together. The Hellenic panel was composed by the President of the Hellenic Shipping Chamber, Mr. George Pateras, the President of Helmepa, Mr. George Gratsos, the President of the Hellenic Shippbrokers Association, Mr. John Kotzias, the President of the Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners Association, Mr. Charalampos Simantonis and the Treasurer of the Propeller Club, founder of Ship Finance Solutions, Mr. Dimitris Vassilacos. The second section is about the maritime education where professors from Maritime Universities from both countries, had the chance to meet and discuss the challenges of the future. The theme of the later section was “Shipping and Education – Challenges and Perspectives of the Universities. The Hellenic side was represented by the President of the Maritime Dept. of the University of Piraeus, Mrs. Phani Sakellariadou, the President of the Maritime Dept. of the University of Aegean and the Director of the Master Program of the Athens University of Economics and Business. Representatives from the Universities of Genova and Naples, are compromising the Italian side.

The following day, Tuesday 25 of April, the Conference was transfered to the Vessel Museum Hellas Liberty while the topic of the day was the the Ports and the Challenges that the Mediterranean Ports must answer. The extended investements of China and the new legal enviroment will be discussed by high ranked executives in the Port Industries of Hellas and Italy. Between the speakers are Mr. Tasos Vamvakidis, from the PCT, Mr. John Kouvaris, President of the Hellenic Ports Union, Mr. Thrasyvoulos Stauridopoulos, Secretary General of the HPU and President of the Port Authority of Volos, Mr. Kostas Moutzouris, President of the Regulatory Authority for Ports. At the panel was also Mr. Theodoros Kontes, President of the Hellenic Cruise Shipowners and Mr. Apostolos Kamarinakis, former member of the BoD for the National Plan of Port Developments and member of the Executive Commitee of the European Ports. On behalf of Italy, representatives from the Cost Guards, the Ministry of Transport and the Ports of Trieste, Naples, Salerno and Genova, were on the panel.