Maria Tripolitis


Maria M. Tripolitis is the General & Marketing Manager of PIRAEUS MARINE SE RVICES S.A., a trading company located in Piraeus that offers technical services and spare parts to well established shipping companies across the globe. In 2019 it was assigned to her the position of General Manager of MARILIA IKE as well, a sister company of PMS S.A.

Her origins are from Chios island. Her grandfather was a captain whereas her father was technical manager in a shipping company for 20 years and the founder of PMS. She is also the only woman in the Board of Directors of the Chios Marine Club representing the General Secretary of the club.

Her first contact with the shipping industry was during her studies since 2004, where she studied Single Psychology in Cambridge and, afterwards, she widened the scope of her studies with a second bachelor degree of Speech & Language Therapy in Edinburgh .

She is well known for her well-organized character, her determination, her persistence and her outgoing attitude.