Working for the future



This single word encapsulates the commitment and dedication of the Propeller Club to work towards a better future.
A better future for shipping.
A better future for Greece.
A better future for the environment.
A better future for all of us, especially for our children.

It also reflects the determination of the Board of Governors to build on the excellent work of the past few years, to enhance the Propeller Club’s role in furthering the interests of the maritime industry, in Greece and internationally.


Working for the future

Shipping is vital to world trade.

We’re committed to making a positive contribution to the future of shipping.

For the planet, for humanity, for Greece.

For the next generation.


We will contribute as a committed business network.

Building positive awareness for the shipping industry in the broader community.

Communicating the importance of shipping to world trade.

Cooperating with other organisations in promoting the interests of the industry.

Promoting safety, security and better environmental practice within the industry.

Supporting Greek youth with scholarships and contributing to society through charities.

Cultivating friendship and understanding between Greece and the United States.


We will work together, in a true spirit of teamwork.

Harnessing the power of our membership to make positive contributions to shipping and society.