Dinner in honor of our Supporters

Dinner in honor of our Supporters 2021

After a year of absence, a dinner in honor of the Supporters of our Club, took place on Thursday, 21 October at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Athens. This was the first event for our new Boards of Governors, which complemented the Club’s recent Award as the Propeller Club Port of the Year.

The dinner was attended among others by 4 former Presidents of our Club: Mr. Vlassis Katrantzos, Nikos Tsavliris, Antonis Faraklas and George Xiradakis.

Since the dinner was not held in 2020 due to the pandemic, all Supporters during the last two years, 182 in total, were honored that night.

Our General Secretary Mrs. Danae Bezantakou initially welcomed the distinguished guests.

“Our dinner may be delayed due to Covid, but I am very happy that it is finally taking place,” said our President, Costis Frangoulis.

“As you can imagine, I have a special bond with Supporters as I was the President of the Fundraising Committee for two years.” Mr. Frangoulis added, “Your contribution is vitally important to the existence of the Club. I thank you sincerely for your great support in 2019 and during the difficult year of 2020. Although we could not organize the traditional AMVER Awards Gala last year, 147 companies supported the publication of our special commemorative album.”

During his speech, Mr. Frangoulis announced that this year’s AMVER Awards Gala will be held with a limited number of guests on December 14, 2021.

He also referred to the International Convention of the International Propeller Club scheduled to take place in Athens in September 2022.

In welcoming the Club’s 65 most recent members, Mr. Frangoulis stressed that “the renewal of the Club’s membership has been one of my main priorities. We have welcomed many new members and cleared the inactive members, thus creating a refreshed core of active members who participate in the Club’s activities.”

Mr. Frangoulis gave the floor to Mr. Kallianis, our Governor and Chairman of the Fundraising Committee.After thanking the Supporters, Mr. Kallianis referred to the charity work of the Club, which has increased by 60% in the last two years and invited everyone to support the Club and its purposes once again.The evening ended with a short music program by singer and vocal teacher Julie Massino.



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