Elections & General Assembly

Elections & General Assembly

The General Assembly and Elections of the International Propeller Club, Port of Piraeus, were held at the Faros Hall of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre on 12 September, 2023.

This was a resounding success, with 586 participating members, representing 65% of the membership body, voting to elect the 16 positions of Governors from 43 candidates and the 3 positions of the Audit Committee from 3 candidates.

According to the results, 10 members of the previous Board were re-elected, while 6 new members were introduced. Costis Frangoulis was the first-ranked candidate with 431 votes out of 586.

During the General Assembly, the President gave a full account of the impressive achievements of the past two years and presented Dimitri Vassilacos with a special award recognizing his long service to the Club, having served for five consecutive terms, noting that he has left high expectations for his successor.

On Thursday, 14 September, the first meeting of our new Board of Governors was held at the club’s offices in Piraeus, where the new Executive Committee was unanimously elected, with Costis Frangoulis continuing for a third consecutive term as President.

The new Executive Committee is as follows:

President: Costis Frangoulis

1st Vice-President: Danae Bezantakou

2nd Vice-President: George Margaronis

General Secretary: Christos Timagenis

Treasurer: Maria Hajioannou

The remaining 11 Governors of the new Board of Governors are in alphabetical order:

John Belousis

John Cotzias

Michalis Dalacouras

Dorothea Ioannou

George Kallianis

Katerina Stathopoulou

Chrysanthi Stefanou

Valentios Valentis

Sifis Vardinoyannis

Theofilos Xenakoudis

Panagiotis Zafet



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