Members’ Day – Sponsors Award Night

Members’ Day Meeting – Sponsors Award Night 2018

With a humble ceremony, the President and the members of the Board of Governors expressed their appreciation and said a big “thank you” to all those who helped and supported the International Propeller Club of United States – Port of Piraeus, during the last year.

The dozens of sponsors of the annual AMVER AWARDS Ceremony and the rest of the events that took place in 2017, were applauded by the Members and the Friends of the Propeller Club during the receipt of the award. The President of the Propeller Club, Mr. Xiradakis, mentioned the significance of the Club, which has three main action axis: a) the support of those in need, b) to honor excellence and c) to enhance the relationships between the members, inside or outside of the borders, to the Shipping and Business industries and in society. “The participants at the sponsor programs of the Propeller CLub, can cover a part of the program of the Corporate Social Responsibility of their companies. The 82 years history of our Club, and the level of the Board of Governors and the Members guarantee the safe social respinsibility, the fair and just way to support and promote people and organizations”.

The Secretery General, Mr. Constantinos Constantinou presented how the Propeller Club of Piraeus functions, by explaining the structure and the committees of the Club. “There is a place for all the members to take part in the activities of the Club, either by sharing their ideas or with their active participation in working groups. We are ready to welcome new members, who meet the constitutional requirements and to implement good idead that any of our members might express”, said and invited the members to actively participate at the tasks of the Club. Mr. Constantinou, described the worldwide actions of the club and what the members earned by taking part in them.



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