New Year Pita Cutting Ceremony

The International Propeller Club of the U.S., International Port of Piraeus, held its traditional Annual Pitta-Cake-Cutting for 2017 at the Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens, Greece, on Sunday the 22nd January 2017.
The event, which symbolizes with the Pitta-Cake-Cutting and the blessing received from the Greek Orthodox Church, the good luck for the new year, and during which, scholarships by Propeller Piraeus to meritorious students of maritime academies, as well as to students of universities and colleges pursuing maritime studies were awarded, in conjunction to donations extended to elected charities, was very well attended by over 190 distinguished guests.
The President Mr. George Xiradakis and the members of the BOG welcomed the representative of the U.S. Embassy, Mr. Brian Hoyt Economic Officer, the Greek Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Mr. Panagiotis Kouroumplis, Cpt. Stammatios Raptis Commandant of the Hellenic Coast Guard, Vice Admiral, the former Presidents of the International Propeller Club, Mr. George Besis, Mr. Savvas Kalafatides, Mr. Argyris Skondras and Mr. Markos Foros, former Governors of the Club, Pateras Damaskinos representative from the Archbishop of Athens, distinguished Members of the Shipping Community, as Cpt. Panagiotis Tsakos, Cpt. Nikolaos Soutos, Press, friends and members of the Club.
The Greek Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Mr. Panagiotis Kouroumplis stressed that he is determined to support Greek Shipping and together with the Government they are ready to cooperate closely with everyone involved. At the end of his speech he expressed the great love that he has for the Port of Piraeus and he revealed his hope for better days to come despite the difficult financial situation of our country.
Referring to two donations President Mr Xiradakis called to the podium Cpt. Evangelos Kouzilos, President of the LIBERTY SHIP CLUB who referred to the distinguished role that LIBERTY vessels played during the World War II and the HELLAS Liberty Museum, at Akti Vassileiadou. Propeller Club being an active member of the LIBERTY SHIP CLUB supported and replaced the projector for the needs of the ship museum.
Mr. Xiradakis also referred to the donation made to the PHILARMONIC ORCHESTRA OF THE HELLENIC COAST GUARD and with their director Mr. Evangelos Kasfikis, by covering the costs by placing sound insulation for noise reduction.