New Year Pita Cutting Ceremony

New Year Pita Cutting Ceremony 2021

On Monday, 1 February, after our 11th online Members’ Meeting our President, Costis Frangoulis, cut the traditional pitta and made the draw among all those present for the 2021 lucky “flouri” together with our Secretary General, Mrs. Danae Bezantakou.

This year, the coin was won by our member Mrs. Sophie Cotzia who will receive a traditional Konstantinato coin, a Propeller silver plate, an AMVER Awards 2020 Album and also the book Seaborne Trade Leaders by Mr. George Foustanos.

“Mr. Nikolas Theodorou, Mr. George Tsouris, Mr. John Papazafiriou, Mrs. Jenny Pournara and Mr. Minas Tsamopoulos also won a copy of our AMVER Awards 2020 Album.”

“Although the unprecedented COVID restrictions force us apart, the Propeller Club always stays close to its members, maintaining communication and honoring tradition,” our President said. “I hope things improve and that we may be together again soon, all in good health.”



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